K Naomi Shows You How To Be All Into Prints

Tv Personality and socialite K Naomi has always been a favourite of ours when it comes to fashion. The looks she pulls together for her petite frame are just incredible. When she walks into a room, it’s hard to not to stop and stare! Everything looks good on her and she can get away with wearing any trend.

What we’ve also noticed about her style is she loves details and print. So we here have the perfect example of someone who wears prints in multiple ways and can give you the confidence to try the trend out. Let’s check the prints that she’s perfected and share with you tips on how to achieve every one of her looks.

Tip: When wearing printed pants, remember that everything else in your outfit must be neutral in colour.
Pants: R459 by Royal T, Zando

Tip: Liven up your wardrobe with  a printed dress as these are perfect throw on and go items to own, and you don’t need to add anything to look glam or pretty.Dress: R579 by City Goddess, Zando

Tip: The trick on deciding what print to wear for what theme of event is by deciding if it’s a day or evening event. So if it’s a day event go for the print in a lighter shade or a relaxed style  and for night time, go for darker shades.Shirt Dress: R1 065, Bay One

Dress: R803, Next

Bay One: www.bay.one

Next: www.nextdirect.com

Zando: www.zando.co.za

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