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The classic accessory when it comes to protecting your head from the elements, hats work for everyone. Not convinced? Then have a look at our guide on how to work hats perfectly. Not only are they functional, but these great items of headwear will instantly add individuality and character to an ensemble.



Baseball caps may be an odd choice for some but the recent emergence of the sporty chic look on the runway should inspire a number of you to try this item out. They can instantly make a look feel casual cool, but they also mean that you don’t have to have your hair all done, which is perfect for those lazy days.

Item: R160, Woolworths

Celeb: Zendaya


THE beanie really is something that can and should be part of your daily style. Not only is it an adorable add-on, but it’s a whole lot easier to play around with and create different looks. Plus, you can have your hair all tucked away and still look stylish with a pair of hoops and bold lips. Remember, though – just because this item can work for your everyday outfit doesn’t mean you should start wearing it to work. Unless of course you have a more flexible dress code at your company.

Item: R10.00, Mr Price

Celeb: Cara Delevigne



WE’VE heard a few people here and there mention an aversion to berets, and we always thing to ourselves, “Are we talking about the same thing, here? The uber-chic Parisian style item?” This item is so versatile, the ways to utilise it are virtually endless. It gives elegance, sophistication and class feel to any look, but are perhaps best worn with multi-layered outfits.

Celeb: Kate Middleton



We know that some people feel very uneasy with this style of hat, but, if you’re a ‘90s freak then this item should really be just up your alley. It’s a very funky, fresh type of hat that adds a fun twist to any outfit. Try picking out patterned or faux leather styles.

Item: R399 by Billabong, Zando

Celeb: Willow Smith



A cocktail hat is a must-have. It’s perfect for a formal events such as weddings and certain formal work functions – but they’re fantastic for dress-up parties too. This hat is an item that you might think you’ll never use, but trust us, it’s a handy item to have in your wardrobe.

Celeb: Princess Eugenie



A cowboy hat can be though to pull off, but it’s so chic and cute if worn the right way. The basic way to wear a cowboy hat is to pair it with blue jeans, but to avoid looking like you going to a costume party, make sure to wear it low and have it on the top of your head. Be careful in getting the perfect fit, and avoid ones that are over-embellished accessory all over. Another thing to keep in mind: avoid pairing the hat with other western items.

Item: R139.99, Mr Price

Celeb: Reese Witherspoon


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Zando: 0861 192 636


Mr Price: (011) 784 8465


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