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Happy World Beard Day!

Happy World Beard Day!

You don’t need a massive mane to qualify to use beard grooming products. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you begin using products on your face the day you decide to grow what your papa gave you! A combination of the following products will ensure that you completely avoid the ‘dry, flaky, itchy, scratchy’ phase of your beard growth; instead you will easily transition into your hairy face without wanting to rip it off three weeks into the process. Beard connoisseur, Monique Fleming, from Bonafide Beards, share her five steps to beard grooming greatness. Happy World Beard Day!

Happy World Beard Day!

Step 1: Cleanse

“WASH your beard and skin without stripping them of their natural oils by using a chemical-free soap in the morning for a fresh, clean start to your day and at night to wash the day’s dirt off your beard and face.”

Step 2: Condition

“USE a high-quality beard oil twice a day and apply every morning and evening to a cleansed, dry beard.  Brush through with your mixed natural bristle brush to distribute the oil and help tame fl y-away hairs.”

Step 3: Moisturise

“A DEEPLY penetrating beard balm is a must in your perfect beard routine. Apply every morning to a cleansed, dry beard to take control of your beard and leave it feeling thicker, stronger and healthier.”

Step 4: Brush

“INVESTING in a great quality beard brush is crucial. Brush your beard once you have applied your beard grooming products in the morning and evening or whenever the urge takes you!”

Step 5: Trim

“FINDING a barber that you trust to help trim and shape your facial hair is the last step in maintaining a healthy beard. Regular visits will ensure that any dry or split ends are removed so your beard has the best chance of growth and health. Avoid trimming at home, unless you are a seasoned professional!”



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