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 Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Pieces From Your Closet

Let’s just be honest guys, sometimes getting ready for Halloween can be very pricey and not everyone wants to spend a lot just for one day. For those that want to skip the over-priced costumes and still want to look incredible for Halloween, then how about using pieces from your closet.


A silk robe does wonders, it adds a luxurious touch to your look that makes anything you do feel glamorous even if it’s just lying on the couch doing nothing and it can be easily turned into a costumes.


Of course Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy announcement is going to be a costume for Halloween; we’ll be shocked if it isn’t. Silk under and some green tulle from a craft store will be easy to get, but we can’t say the same for two babies.Floral Robe: POR, TopshopHigh waist Midis: R160, WoolworthsLace Bra: R299, Woolworths


A basic navy coat is essential for any wardrobe but with a few minor additions, you’ll be able to wear this wardrobe staple on Halloween.

Coat: R814, Next

A Detective

 Go for the classic Sherlock Holmes look and investigate the neighbourhood for the house with the best candy in your coat and a plaid suit. Don’t forget a magnifying glass.

Pants: R379, H&MBlazer: R2198.99, WoolworthsHeeled Loafers: R534, NextBiker boy Cap: R179, Cotton On


Channel Baywatch for your next costume, and add these key accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Costume: POR, TopshopBaywatch

For a Baywatch inspired look, the look isn’t complete without the floatie and red whistle that you can easily get from any toy store or sports shop.

Earrings shape Studs: R129, Accessorize


Zando: 0861 192 636

Woolworths: (011) 290-1011

Bay One: www.bay.one

Next: www.nextdirect.com

Top Shop: http://www.topshop.com

H&M:  0860 690 707

Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Cotton On: (011) 883-5354



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