Hair Dilemmas Solved

THE only thing that baffles us more than men, is hair. You can style it exactly the same way day after day, but sometimes it just looks better (or worse) than others. There’s no golden rule to stick to when it comes to hair. But we’re here to make your life easier with the best ways to deal with pesky hair dilemmas.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Dilemma: Dry Ends And Oily Roots

Root Cause: No matter how long you deep condition, hair STILL feels dry and brittle at the ends. But at the root it’s always oily. This is the problem that a lot of natural girls face. A 2 piece collection to detox the hair and mop up excess sebum on the roots whilst soothing tired ends with luxurious extracts of Shea Butter.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Oily Roots Shampoo: R129.95, Lee Stafford, Clicks

Oily Roots Conditioner: R129.95, Lee Stafford, Clicks

Dilemma: Thinning Hair

Root Cause: As we grow older, not all hair grows back, resulting in various degrees of thinning. There are tons of other factors contributing to rapid hair loss, like stress, medication, malnutrition and of course hereditary factors. Now you can take charge of your hair loss problem, by providing your scalp with nutrients essential for healthy hair growth and the regrowth and the prevention of hair loss.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Anti-Hair Loss Tablets (60): R245, HANNON

Dilemma: A Dry Scalp 

Root Cause: A dry, flaky scalp needs extra hydration to heal, so Badger has created a synergistic blend of plant oils to deeply moisturize, while soothing itchy scalp and improving hair’s texture. Rosemary is the traditional herb and main ingredient for hair health because it stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair from the root.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Jojoba Herbal Hair Oil For Dry Scalp: R410, Badger

Dilemma: Bang Blunder

Root Cause: Soft textured fringes are a big trend now and will be going into winter. One of the biggest dilemmas about fringes are that they separate throughout the day and get oily. A great trick is to spray a good amount of dray shampoo in the fringe as soon as you have styled (prevention is better than cure) this will help give volume and absorb oils during the day helping your fringe to last longer.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Water Killer: R450, EVO

Dilemma: When Frizz Attacks

Root Cause: When it comes to frizz, prep is very important.  Before you even start styling your hair, apply a frizz-fighting product to soaking wet hair. Do not towel dry (that will jump start frizz). Blow out or style as usual. After you put your hair up, spritz it with hairspray to hold the style, then avoid touching! The more you touch, the more you frizz.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Bye Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream: R169.95, Marc Anthony

Dilemma: Colour Fade
Root Cause:
 Who doesn’t love freshly coloured, glossy locks? Your hair just looks alive, doesn’t it? But then the colour fades from the first wash. There are a few solutions to this: just before rinsing the hair dye, add a small amount of water to the hair and begin to massage the hair and colour together, creating a lather. This will break up the oil-based colour and ensure that the hair has absorbed as much colour as possible before closing the cuticle. When rinsing, use lukewarm water – scalding hot will cause the cuticle to open allowing colour to escape. Wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair and avoid products containing sodium lauryl sulphate.

Hair Dilemmas Solved

Oil Elixir For Colour Treated Hair: R119.99, TRESemmé

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