Gym Class Heroes: Pre, During And Post Workout

WHETHER your choice of workout is high intensity cardio and spinning or low-impact strength work, like Pilates and yoga, we’ve got the goodies to help out when you’re turning up the intensity at the gym. Along with the obvious (water bottle, sweat towel and face mist), this is exactly what you need pre, during and post workout.

PUT in prep work long before your class starts. If you want to see maximum results post workout, you need a pre-workout routine too. consider using a firming, de-puffing or anti-cellulite cream before working out. Studies show that using a body treatment cream pre-exercise increases its effectiveness. The combination of sweat and make-up can clog pores, so double cleansing before every workout is a good idea. And if you never go anywhere bare-faced, reap the benefits of an anti-pollution product that offers protection along with coverage.



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WHETHER outdoors or at the air-conditioned gym, intensive workouts can be ultra-drying on the pout.  Lip balm has to be within reach at all times! Keep extra hair accessories like ties and headbands handy in case of emergency, like your hair tie snapping just before squats. Last but not least, wearing a latex waist trainer during weight training will help to keep your abs tight and back straight and help you sweat extra during your workout, which may lead to quicker inch loss and weight loss. Yay!

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AFTER exercising, it’s time for your body to restore itself and for you to relax. A workout routine can result in muscle fatigue and soaking in a bath of Epsom salts can offer much relief. Or if you don’t have time for relaxing in the tub, spray magnesium oil directly onto aching muscles and the soles of feet (the best place for quick absorption) – it can help you sleep better, too. Remember to rehydrate with a body oil or lotion.

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