Grooming: Beard Care For Winter

WINTER is the perfect time to grow a beard, as it keeps your face and neck warm, plus it gives you a few extra minutes in bed every morning as you don’t need to shave before leaving for work. Just like one’s skin, beards also suffer the wrath of winter. The cold can leave them dry and damaged and in some cases, unmanageable too! South Africans living in areas like Gauteng are particularly vulnerable, as the combination of intense cold and dry air can be very unkind to beards. Here are a few things you can do to look after your beard during the colder months:

Beard Care 101

Avoid hot water

As tempting as it is to have a boiling hot shower, opt for a lukewarm one instead. The skin produces natural oils that help moisturise your beard, but each time you wash your face and beard with hot water, these oils are stripped. Hot water also causes the skin to become flaky and dry, and can even result in beard dandruff. It’s also recommended to dry your beard as soon as you get out of the shower, as harbouring water can lower your beard’s moisture content.

Keep it trimmed

If you’re not able to trim your beard yourself, visit a barber regularly to shape it for you. Beard hair can split very easily during winter, and once it starts to split, there is very little, if anything, that can be done to save it.

Give it a wash

Shampoo has the tendency to be quite drying, so opt for conditioner when washing your beard, instead. Massage it in gently, leave for a minute or two and rinse out with lukewarm water.

Treat it with a good quality beard oil

A beard oil does wonders in nourishing the beard, as well as the skin underneath the beard. It is easily absorbed and is quick and convenient to use, as it can be left on and does not require rinsing. Not only will you experience a softer and more manageable beard with the frequent use of beard oil, but your skin will be softer and more hydrated too.

For a soft and healthy beard, we recommend FINO Beard and Shave Oil (R135). This multifunctional product is a blend of non-greasy natural carrier oils and healing essential oils that can be used, either to nourish and moisturise the beard, or as a shave oil. It is suitable for men of all ages, skin types and skin tones, and can be used on the face, as well as on the head. It nourishes and moisturises beards, while also nourishing the skin below the beard, minimising skin irritation and itchiness.FINO Beard and Shave Oil (R135)

FINO is well-known as a leader in post-hair-removal care, and its established products, FINO Soothe MAN and FINO MAN Bump Control, are loved and trusted by consumers.

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