Get Fit, Get Inspired!

Sportswear has become even more chic and fashionable. No longer left for the gym but now worn as leisure wear too, we love the latest trends and new styles, especially the pastel and neutral colours. Designers and brands are now shifting away from the classics and elevating styles up with means of these pretty colours, making sportswear totally wearable outside the gym.

Active wear is so comfortable that we  could just live in it! Here’s how to style your sportswear look. 


Coral Top with white stripes: R372 by Adidas, NextWhite sports bra with fishnet detailing: R479 by Fit Gymwear, ZandoPurple Sports bra: R492 by Adidas, NextSweatshirt with slogan: R599 by Country Road, WoolworthsPurple Sweatshirt: R599 by Country Road, WoolworthsYellow Crop Top Sweatshirt: R699 by Ivy Park, SportscenePink Crop Top Sweatshirt: R699 by Ivy Park, SportscenePurple Leggings: R745 by Adidas, NextBlush Pink Jacket: R999 by Adidas, SportsceneBlush pink Sweatpants: R1099, ReebokCoral Sweatpants with stripes: R1099.95 by Adidas, SportscenePeach and White Jacket: R1299 by Adidas, SportscenePink Jersey: R1699 by Champion, Sportscene



Zando: 0861 192 636

Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Woolworths: (011) 290-1011

Next Direct:

Adidas: (011) 784-0340

Sportscene: (011) 784 2367

Reebok: (011) 475 0593



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