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Own Your Fit – Confidence Starts Now

The Own Your Fit campaign by Woolworths encourages women to embrace their body-beautiful by urging females to find their best fitting underwear – and to own it – no matter what their shape or size.

One thing that many women don’t realise is that bra sizes can change throughout their lifetime. Common factors such as weight loss or gain, medication, pregnancy, and menopause can affect their fitting. Woolies recognises this and has seen the importance in helping women to find the right fit.

“We’re offering customers a free bra fitting service and an exceptional range of underwear choices in-store that are created to suit any body shape, so finding your most accurate fit is now much more attainable,” says Cecile Froehling, Head of Lingerie at Woolworths.The Woolworths Own Your Fit campaign is all about self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance. Own Your Fit reiterates that no matter the shape or size, your own body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated.

“Lingerie shouldn’t be seen as owning a few foundation pieces for basic support, instead it should provide women with the confidence to feel their most beautiful inside and out,” adds Cecile.

To support the campaign, Woolies has collaborated with Lesego Legobane, Sbahle Mpisane, Junette Syster, Siphokazi Jonas and Lou-Marie Taljaard. These women, of various body types, will share what it means to Own Your Fit and inspire the women of South Africa to love their bodies no matter what.With the “Love your body challenge” they will take to social media and share their body positive #ownyourfit stories with SA women of all walks of life.

The perfect fit feels as good as it looks! Woolworths lingerie – confidence starts here.

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