FINO Cosmetics Announces Brand Ambassador. Can You Guess who? | People Magazine

FINO Cosmetics Announces Brand Ambassador. Can You Guess who?

FINO Cosmetics announces brand ambassador. Can You Guess who?

FINO Cosmetics is proud to announce Christophe Bongo as their first ever brand ambassador! The perfect fit for FINO Cosmetics, Christophe is a no stranger to the spotlight, and understands the importance of being well-groomed when you’re in the public eye.

FINO Cosmetics announces brand ambassador. Can You Guess who?

About Christophe

Born in Congo, Christophe fell in love with South Africa during his first visit around 24 years ago. He decided to study Maths and Physics in English in South Africa despite language and cultural barriers. Christophe went on to become a professional soccer player, Channel O presenter, SABC sports analyst and radio and TV presenter. He is also an experienced soccer coach and has worked with FIFA as an instructor and consultant.

Q & A with Christophe Bongo

How does it feel to be representing the FINO brand?

FINO MAN is not just a product that I represent – it’s a range that I believe in and that is why I am part of the team. The difference between FINO MAN and other male grooming products is that FINO was created by Adrienne Cohen – a professional grooming artist. The brand was created out of a real need to solve specific shaving problems. The brand founder has worked on many different skins over the past 25 years, including mine, and she has a deep knowledge of what is needed to fix the skin. I am a happy man to be involved with this brand. I love that FINO is an authentic product that offers a real solution and is 100% proudly South African.

What does your daily grooming routine consist of?

The first thing I do in the morning is splash my face with cold water and wash with FINO MAN Gel Face Wash. I use it to wash my beard too. Then, before shaving, I wet a face cloth with warm water and apply to my face and shave in the shower. I follow this routine every second day.

Do you prefer a beard, stubble or being freshly shaven?

I like to be freshly shaven with a small goatee. However, sometimes on the weekend I give myself a break from shaving and leave some stubble.

What is your number one grooming tip?

Use only tried and tested products and consult with a grooming artist. As I come from a modelling background, I was lucky as I got a lot of good tips.

What grooming product can you not live without?

There is only one grooming product that I use, and that is FINO MAN. I use the entire range, as this allows me to maximise the benefits. The FINO Beard Oil is always with me in my car and my bag. I love its uplifting essential oil fragrance and the non-greasy texture.

What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Once you get to understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, it is no longer a “should,” but a “must.” For me, health is not only about food and exercise, it is also about how you look – hence grooming is an essential part of looking and feeling healthy. FINO MAN adds value to my lifestyle.

FINO Cosmetics announces brand ambassador. Can You Guess who?

The FINO MAN range consists of the following products:

FINO Soothe MAN (R69.95)

FINO MAN Bump Control (R70.00)

FINO MAN Gel Face Wash (R70.00)

FINO MAN Beard and Shave Oil (R135.00)

FINO MAN products are available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, selected pharmacies and salons.



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