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Fighting Form!

Designers and brands are coming up with more modern and everyday sportswear that can work when you have to rush out straight after a session. What’s even better they’re fashionable sportswear items that work before a workout too. Whether its high intensity CrossFit session to a spiritual and ascetic yoga session, they’re sportswear clothing that push limits with clothing that are both functional and stylish. Showing off wearable sportswear trends as well as tips on fitness, we have USN ambassador and WBFF PRO Irina Nesterova and CrossFitter and Evolve Fitness Owner Bruno Calha.

LOOK 1Nike Distance Flex Shorts R597 Total Sports 
Under Armour Turquoise Trainers R2299 Under Armor


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Tip: When it comes to how to wear the sportswear trend out in a retro way, keep an eye out for retro styles of running shoes or a vintage-looking jacket. Pair them with more modern accessories and you’ve got your sportswear retro look down.
Misguided Sports Bra
R1099 Lorna Jane
Explorer Puffer Jacket
R599 Cotton On Body
Revival Print Tights
R1799 Lorna Jane
Navy and Red Trainers R1699 Lorna JaneBRUNO

Tip:Sportswear often comes in bright and loud colours that look good on the racks. If you’re still figuring out your style, start with basic hues like black or grey. You can work your way up to incorporating colour or some detailing as you get more comfortable with the whole concept of sportswear as everyday wear.
Grey Reebok Fitted Top
R799 Total Sports
Nike Pro Long Tights
R579 Total Sports
White Adidas Boost Trainers
POR Adidas

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Total Sports: (011) 685 1451

Under Armour: (021) 201 1349

Cotton On:  (011) 883 1207

Lorna Jane:  (011) 784 0349

Adidas: (011) 784 0340

Models: Bruno Calha- Instagram account @bruno_calha and @evolvefitsa
Irina Nesterova-  Instagram account @irina_

Location: Evolve Fitness – 42 Longmeadow Boulevard, Longmeadow Business Estate

Evolve Fitness is a new fitness centre based in Modderfontein/ Greenstone. We offer functional fitness training as well as kids training, personal training and various other services. We pride ourselves on giving each member the attention that they deserve and we aim to make their training and time here as enjoyable as possible.

Contact us at [email protected] OR view our website at for more information.

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