Working From Home: Four Ways To Stay Cool (Yet Comfy!)


Goodness – week four of lockdown! And one thing’s certain: you’re saturated with the working-from-home lifestyle and could probably do with a bit of inspiration when it comes to outfit choices. Don’t get us wrong, not having to dress up every day is great and all, but the all-day just-fallen-out-of-bed look is going a little too far. So here are a few ideas to keep you cool and comfy.



Ideally active-wear is made for working out, but in this case these matching sets are comfy too. You can’t hit the gym, but can enjoy the gymwear.





What’s not to love about an oversized hoodie? This look is trendy and can be flattering when paired with leggings, sneakers and wearing your hair in a bun.




We are here for the cropped hoodies and tops, especially if you’re not feeling the oversized look. Crops can easily be paired with leggings, shorts or sweatpants.



Not actually working? Make lounging cute with a matching set, which has almost become most people’s lockdown uniform. And who can’t blame them? Matching sets are effortless and an easy-does-it look will have you instantly Instagram-ready.



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