These Celine Dion Looks Are As Fabulous As She Is!

Happy Birthday to the inimitable Celine Dion who – near, far, wherever – has always been on top of her A-game when it comes to fashion. And it seems this is a lady who really does only get better with age because lately she’s kicked the game up to A++ with show-stopping looks, wearing all the latest trends from ruffles to prints to sparkles. And yes, we’re totally stanning for it!

With the help of stylist Law Roach, the 52-year-old Canadian singer seems to step out day after non-lockdown day with sophisticated yet edgy ensembles, and her fearless sense of style proves her voice isn’t the only thing about her with range.

Scroll down to see Celine in the most dazzling looks you can think of. The heart does go on because this lady is giving us life!



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