These Boots Are Made For Walking

Shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit, but white boots have the power to completely steal the show! Which is why they’re at the top of the list, ours and everybody else’s. Even yours- you just might not know it yet. And we’re here to tell you how to harness their power . As for keeping them white… We’re afraid you’re on your own on that one. Sorry!

Pairing your boots with a mini-skirt is perfect when wanting to show off your legs and works effortlessly when teaming them with stockings or a pair of funky socks.


If you’re wanting to palazzo pants it up, think pointy boots; this way your shoes will not go unnoticed underneath all that fabric.

Pairing them with cropped jeans helps your boots stand out from the rest of your outfit. Ankle boots and cropped jeans are a match made in heaven.

Block Heel: R1091, Bay One

Boots With Zip Detail: R1999, Aldo

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Boots With Silver Detail: R749, By Public Desire, Zando

Sharp Point Boots: R749, By Public Desire, Zando



Bay One:


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