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The Powerful Madiba Shirt!

The Nelson Mandela shirt, also known as the ‘”Madiba Shirt”, has been a popular item ever since the shirt rose to fame. The style of the Madiba shirt is now a global style that everyone across the world wears it not only to make a bold fashion statement, but also a political one too.

Many have been seen in one or at least in a similar style to Mandela’s popular shirts. Throughout the time of his presidency, Nelson Mandela wore variations of these shirts. The history of these shirts dates back to him being gifted a batik print shirt by Indonesia President Suharto in 1990, as well as designer Desre Buirski designing many printed shirts for Madiba himself.

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Everyone loves what it stands for, and not only because we normally see politicians and statesmen in stiff suits. It was always refreshing to see Mandela take the informal route and make a strong fashion statement. The prints are bold, beautiful, playful and can either be dressed up or dressed down.

Madiba – A Leader Like No Other!

If you are wondering how to get your hands on a “Madiba Shirt”, have a look at Presidential Shirt, which has a store in Sandton that retails shirts that are made and inspired by the presidential brand.

Gold Shirt: R1895, 00, Presidential Green printed Shirt: R1695.00, Presidential Blue Shirt: R1695.00, Presidential



Presidential: 27 (0)21 204 4794

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