Peope’s Guide To 6 Travel Essentials

Article By: Bernita Marais

November is a month where everyone, even the people not leaving the city, gets ready for lazy days and road-trips leading nowhere. We have picked six not-to-be-left-out items that will make you stand out from the travelling crowd, and get you ready for being on the move – even if it is only down the road.

Luggage – One thing to keep in mind when deciding on luggage: it is part of your accessories. Just like your bag, this emphases who you are.  Opt for bold and metallic colours as they will make people wonder where you are coming from or where you are jet-setting off to. These colours will also make you want to travel and strut your stuff.

Handbag – This can be tricky as you never know when you are going to go from day to night, depending on where you are, of course.  Think of being at the beach and needing to go clubbing with the girls. Will your beach bag be able to pull off an all-nighter? Some are able to; if you keep it structured, opt for nice colourful patterns as this will add a bit of glamour to your outfit.Sunglasses – one statement piece no fashionista is able to go without! To make you look more fashionable, always carry the holder with you. This will make your life easier and keep your statement ‘sunnies’ lasting longer as they are always kept safe.Summer Hat – If you have a pale skin and burn easily, this is a must!  The South African sun is always out with vengeance, especially this time of year.  No one needs to know you are wearing a hat for protection, as this is such a fashion piece. Bonus: this will protect against premature ageing!

Shoes – comfortable shoes that look stunning do not always have to be heels.  Opt for a nice wedge if you would like a bit more height, or even a super pair of sandals to show off your newly done pedi.

Powerbank – When the holiday spirit falls upon us, we never think of being without our smartphones, as we use this for almost everything these days. Power-up while on the go, your powerbank will be your ultimate survival this season.  So before you leave, make sure your powerbank is fully charged, so you can shut off!

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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

I am the Assistant Fashion Editor at People Magazine but also a fashion designer, blogger, and stylist in my spare time. Working at a magazine on the fashion side is every girl’s dream job; magical, I tell you! I get to meet and work with an endless list of celebrities and not forgetting attending Fashion Week, yay! When I’m not at people I can be found working on my clothing brand, blogging and reading self-help books. Most importantly I believe in love and red lipstick.