Must See: Pillow (Challenge) Talk


Heard of the latest ’net buzz, the pillow challenge? Well, before you change that tab, this isn’t about making a pillow from scratch. In fact, this is a no-sewing, no-contouring, no-baking – basically a no-anything-too-taxing kinda challenge. All you need is you, some pillows, and boredom. Lots and lots of boredom.

Because clothes are so last non-COVID-19 season, this craze is all about suiting yourself up in, well, pillows. Here’s how: step one – strap a pillow (or two) to your waist to create a structured midi dress. Aaaand, that’s about it, really (although don’t forget the obligatory selfie).

In case you’re wondering, yes, your back is totally exposed, but thanks to careful photography, we are here for what’s going on in the front. Of course, feel free to accessorize your #pillowchallenge look with a bag, earrings, necklace…. Or nothing at all. The world of pillows is your oyster.


It’s not too late to join fashionistas and celebrities. We mean, you’re here for two more weeks, so, like, why not, right?  Jump onto the #pillowchallenge bandwagon and scroll down to see a few of the really interesting looks this fad has inspired.

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Somizi serving us with so much fabulousness pairing his white pillow with boots, gloves and even a furry pillow on his head. 10, 10, 10!


Brittany Xavier

Brittney Xavier (she’s big on Tiktok) served us with a white pillow and kept it classy and chic.


Liesl Laurie

Liesl Laurie wasted no time, pairing her pillow with shades, hoops and a clutch bag.


Deneal Van Wyk

Our very own fashion editor could also not resist this fabulous challenge in her holographic pillow.



How pretty is Queen of Jozi’s printed pillow? It’s a fav! She kept her accessories to a minimal and we are here for this look.


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