#Headwrap Slayage Alert!

The trend of wearing a headwrap never dates or grow old because as far as we’re concerned, headraps are here to stay! Travelling back in time, women needed to carry water in containers on their heads and a headwrap came in handy to handle the heavy load and avoid head injuries. In some cultures today, wearing a headwrap as a married woman is a sign of respect to one’s husband while other women cover their heads in a headwrap for spiritual reasons such as praying in church. If you’re having a bad hair day, headwrap and have a good day. Regardless of your reasons, a headwrap is fashionable, stylish and chic. You can wear it to complete any outfit and for every occasion.

Suzy Mukendi, our Fashion Editor shares a step by step guide below on how to rock two simple headwrap styles. Once you you get the hang of it, slaying a headwrap will come naturally to you.

Our Fashion Editor, Suzy Mukendi,  Shares A Step-By-Step Guide To Slay Her First #Headwrap Look:

Suzy Mukendi slays headwrap DIY
Step 1: Position the wrap behind your head and bring the ends to the front.
Suzy Mukendi headwrap DIY
Step 2: Tie the two ends and make sure it’s secure
Suzy Mukendi rocking the headwrap trend
Step 3: Tie another knot, open up the loose ends and pull them back over your head, tucking them in at the back – and voilà!


Suzy Shows You How To Slay Her Second #Headwrap Look Like An African Goddess!

Suzy Mukendy How To Headwrap Like An African Goddess
Step 1: Place the wrap behind your head and bring both ends to the front
Suzy Mukendi how to rock headwrap trend
Step 2: Tie the two ends, making sure the knot is secure
Suzy Mukendi the headwrap guru
Step 3: Tuck in the leftover material, and there you have it!
Suzy Mukendi looking flawless in a headwrap
Step 4: You are ready to rock your headwrap slayage!