A trip down memory lane with Riri | People Magazine

A trip down memory lane with Riri

Women are powerful and beautiful humans that where brought into this world to teach, inspire, love and many more. To celebrate women’s history month, we will share throwbacks of some of  fashion looks that made her the fashion killer that she is today.







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My name is Biatar Khumalo-Slabbert. I am a fashion intern at People magazine and I write fashion articles and assist at photoshoots. I am a creative young woman whose interests lie in fashion styling, fashion photography, analyzing trends and creating mood boards. I hope to expand my skills and knowledge in all of the above in order to reach my ultimate goal of working as a stylist in the entertainment industry - both locally and internationally. As part of this journey, I would like to showcase the creativity that South Africans and Africans generally bring to fashion content production. My journey has just started. I have so much to learn and experience and I am so excited to see what the fashion world has in store for me.

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