5 Tips To Rework Your Wardrobe

Rework your wardrobe – without going shopping (’cause, like, ya know, lockdown and all that).

We’re just over the half-way mark, and this is the perfect thing to keep yourself busy if you find you’ve actually started re-watching flicks.

What’s more, chilling on the couch in your sweatpants-and-hoodie look while life runs at a slower pace is great, sure – but only to a point! And that point has been reached…NOW!


So pay attention, because coming at you are five ways to rework without the retail.



It’s time to put away your sandals and make the seasonal transition (we know some of you still have summer pieces in your wardrobe). Make space for your autumn/winter essentials and create an adaptable wardrobe for changing weather conditions.




Set aside the clothing items you know don’t fit, maybe just discovered don’t fit or you might not like anymore. But parting with clothing items can be are hard (trust us, we’ve been there), so here’s what you can do: create a clean background and snap away, then find a platform where you can sell those bad boys. A bit of extra moolah will help with the separation anxiety. Otherwise you can donate them to a charity.




This is a great time to find some outfit inspo either on Pinterest or Instagram; recreate those looks with clothing items you already have. It’ll also help with identifying items you don’t wear too often, or seeing which ones are needed. (After the lockdown you’re gonna be wanting to do some retail therapy, and we don’t blame you!)




It’s never too late for a second chance. What do we mean by this? Well, you may have a few items that are too big or too long and you just never got around to hemming, taking them in or revamping them (like a good pair of old jeans). Here’s your chance to get round to it.




Lastly, an organised wardrobe makes finding pieces so much easier, and who doesn’t love getting dressed knowing where to find what you’re looking for? Reorganise your basic top, t-shits and jeans in a colour scheme, or just fold and neatly sort them in your wardrobe or drawer.


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