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Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Nothing shows your age more than the outfits you wear – and let’s face it, we’ve all made the mistake of wearing an outfit that makes us look older than we are. While following fashion rules can be tedious, it can also save you from a fashion disaster…

The styles, accessories and colours you’re wearing, could be adding years without you realising it. But never fear, these seven fashion rules will have you looking fabulous every time you leave your house:

1. Following all the fashion trends

Most of us love to try out the latest trends and fashion fads, but sometimes these can age us drastically. From the risqué ‘under-boob’ top, to the return of the Croc, trends can lead you astray.

The easiest way to navigate trends is to find timeless pieces within the sea of trends. And always try on a new trend in-store first. Make sure it looks good on you, and that you have multiple outfits and ways you can wear it before spending your hard-earned cash.

2. Showing skin in all the wrong places

Our definition of sexy is all too often linked to the amount of skin we show, making this one of the harder rules to follow. This isn’t about covering up completely: it simply means being smarter about how, when and where to show skin. The cold-shoulder trend is a great way to show some skin and still stay stylish. As we get older, less is definitely more when it comes to being too revealing.

3. Wearing too many accessories

Yes, there is such a thing as too much bling. Coco Chanel once said “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. We hear you, Coco!

Wearing too many accessories at once can date even the best outfit. Rather keep it classy with simple accessories, or by wearing one statement piece at a time.

4. Dressing ‘too young’

A sure-fire way of looking older than you actually are is dressing way too young. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear fun styles any more – but it’s all about how you style them.

Wearing a graphic tee with skinny jeans and a trucker cap might work when you’re in your teens, but as we get older, it’s important to adapt your dressing too. Rather, dress up a graphic tee with a stylish midi-skirt and heels.

5. Choosing baggy, shapeless clothing

Defaulting to shapeless clothes is the most common outfit mistake that makes you look older. The older we get, the more important tailored clothing should become.

Wearing baggy or boxy clothing can drown your frame, making you look older and wider. Know your body shape and dress to enhance your best features.

6. Sticking to the same colours

As we age, our skin and colouring change, and so the colours that used to work on your skin might not work any more. Wearing certain colours can make you look tired and drained of colour, which in turn makes you look much older than you are.

Take your time in store and try out the same item of clothing in different shades. Go for colours that complement your skin, making you look younger and fresher.

7. Ignoring underwear

The foundation of any outfit is the most important thing to consider. Thigh slimmers, tummy trimmers, and (most importantly) a good bra can make a huge difference – and they’re often the secret of why celebs look so great all the time.

A saggy bust line or a uni-boob will age you more than breaking any of the rules above! Rather, take a trip to an underwear retailer which offers a bra-fitting service. Get measured, and invest in the right bra for you.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to instantly look five years younger.

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