Fashion Location Issue #29 BTS | People Magazine

Fashion Location Issue #29 BTS

Stylist: Suzy Mukendi
Fashion Assistant: Deneal Florence
Photographer: Brenda Taylor
When you think equestrian, you think glam, high fashion and soft. Basically fashion and equestrian go hand to hand. This week we have a beautiful horse, soft fabrics, rich tweed and high fashion boots to keep your winter stylish. Our attention though goes to dresses because who said dresses have to take the back seat in winter? If you don’t know what dresses will work for summer or how to make dresses appropriate for this cold weather then have a look at this week shoot that will help you get inspired and creating endless stylish showstopper looks.

That Dude Bara Boy

That Dude Bara Boy

Videographer and visual effects editor, I’ do filming and editing for our online platforms namely people magazine YouTube channel, people magazine website and social media. I’m passionate about creating films, visual effects, good music, designs and illustrations, humble kind of guy and a team playa.

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