Everything That’s Sexy About Coffee Scrubs

TWO Capetonian guys who love start-ups, sport, travel and women bravely step into the cosmetics industry, previously uncharted territory for them both. The result? Summer’s sexiest body scrub! Bathroom to beach or bathroom to bedroom? You choose. Kahve, prepares you with a smooth glow for both. Using Kahve scrub is reminiscent of that powerful secret confidence in knowing you’re wearing sexy underwear underneath your sweatpants and Tee. The creators of Kahve (Turkish for coffee) have nothing to lose and only a cult following to gain. What better product to celebrate Coffee Day?

Let your body come alive with the power of coffee and cinnamon. High quantities of caffeine found naturally in the Robusta bean address cellulite, stimulate drainage, refine contours and tighten up the skin. Combine this with the nourishing properties of avocado oil and Borage oil which restore your skin to its most vibrant and softest self. A morning scrub to energize and invigorate.

Everything That’s Sexy About Coffee Scrubs

Coffee Cinnamon Scrub (225g): R280

Tap into the power of coconut and matcha. Embrace that sun-kissed glow and allow the primary ingredient, Japanese Matcha, to combine with virgin coconut oil to enhance that radiance and nourish dehydrated skin. Mother Nature’s finest blend of natural antioxidants, essential oils and exfoliators to completely rejuvenate dry and tired skin.

Everything That’s Sexy About Coffee Scrubs

Coconut Match Scrub (225g): R280

Follow the proudly South African product at @kahve.skin and tag #kahveskin and  #thatkahveglow on Instagram.

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