Essential Oils For PMS

Essential oils are the highly concentrated fragrant essences found in plants. The leaves, flowers, fruits or roots of the plants are usually steam distilled or cold pressed to extract this aromatic liquid. SOiL essential oils are all certified organic. This means that the herbs, shrubs and other plants that give us the oils are grown on land that is not exposed to herbicides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The international organic standards also require that they use only stainless steel vessels to distill the plant matter, ensuring the oils don’t react with the vessels as they would with other metals. This, together with the low pressure distillation methods they apply ensure the oils are therapeutic grade. These are the best SOIL essential oils for PMS.

Clary Sage: R155 (10ml)

 Essential Oils For PMS

Clary Sage is steam distilled from the plant’s flowering tops and foliage. Its flowers are pale blue, violet-pink or white and its leaves heart shaped. Clary sage has a musky herbaceous aroma. It is uplifting, cooling and soothing. It is known as a useful women’s remedy throughout all stages of life. Clary Sage is beneficial for stress related issues and as an antispasmodic remedy for menstrual cramps.

Safety Information: Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Rose Geranium: R115 (10ml)

 Essential Oils For PMS

Geraniums originate from South Africa and were introduced into Europe in the 17thC. The essential oil is distilled from the leaves and branches of the plant. Geranium is known to lift the spirit and relieve anxiety. It is useful in treating PMS and menopausal problems. It has a balancing effect on the skin and can be used on all skin types including oily and problematic skin.

Safety Information: May cause skin irritation in some individuals

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