Erase The Stretch: No More Stretch Marks

Erase The Stretch

WE all have body hang ups. Kim Kardashian even claims those ‘awful’ Mexico cellulite bum pics were Photoshopped to make her look ‘way worse’.  Thin women (yes, even models) have cellulite, stretch marks and other body issues. Luckily, people called in the professionals. Celebrity Aesthetician Dr Zaheda Bhabha talks stretch marks and what you can do to get a lean, smooth, slender, mark-free body in 2018.

STRETCH marks happen when skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. Dr Bhabha recommends these 5 treatments to reduce the obviousness of stretch marks:

  1. Laser treatment.New stretch marks are red and inflamed so treatments that target and reduce inflammation and skin ruddiness, including lasers, may help to reduce excessive redness.
  2. Fraxel or fractional lasers. These lasers punch microscopic holes in the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks by taking advantage of the skin’s ability to heal itself and lay down new collagen.
  3. Dermapens or Dermarollers. Works on the same puncture principle as above, but is more cost effective.
  4. Hydrate! By calming and nourishing the skin through moisturising, redness and inflammation that can exaggerate stretch marks is reduced, which is why Dr Bahba recommends lathering up with body oil.
  5. Use a glove.Apply skincare products with massage gloves to promote smooth skin.

Erase The Stretch

Cellu-WHAT? End The Body Drama



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