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Edgars Collection In Support Of The Nelson Mandela Foundation

In true iconic fashion, Edgars has partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation as part of the centenary celebration to help raise funds to assist in furthering the great work that the legend Tata Madiba left behind. Customers are invited to be part of this initiative through purchases of the exclusive Madiba collection. The collection – a limited edition range exclusive to Edgars, especially designed for the 100 years celebration – boasts special prints as designed by the legend designer himself, Sonwabile Ndamase.

The collection includes ladieswear, menswear, kidswear and home and accessories items, and will be sold of out 72 Edgars stores nationwide.


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Furthermore, outside the Nelson Mandela Foundation initiative, EDCON, through Edgars Unite, a United Nations led initiative against the abuse of women and children, will enroll a hundred women across the nation for a skills development empowerment program.

“As a truly South African company, it is our duty to rally behind big national events that aim to unite and improve the lives of our fellow South Africans. We truly are a brand with purpose and will continue to be advocates of change in any way that we can contribute as retail chain,” says Edgars.
“We acknowledge that our customers are the backbone of who we are, and we will endeavor to make a difference,” continues Edgars.

Edgars prides itself in supporting the Nelson Mandela Foundation in promoting the funding of sustainable solutions to critical social problems through memory-based dialogue interventions, and the Edgars x NMF collection is just another great initiative that drives the support and involvement from the South African community.

The proceeds on sales from the range will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Foundation to support their many invaluable projects. Edgars is committed to upliftment, and they call on the action of the public to support and drive the cause.



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