Duchess Blue Mbombo’s Flower Power

Duchess Blue Flower Power

Thandie Mbombo, affectionately known as ‘Blue Mbombo’ or ‘The Duchess’ to her fans – whom she calls her ‘Royals’ – is fast becoming a household name in Mzansi’s entertainment industry.

Her hustle continues with a steady and rapid rise to fame after her unforgettable debut in Big Brother Mzansi– ain’t no shame in her claiming and owning the game!

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Here are her 5 top flower power fashion moments to inspire you this summer:

1. Daisy crowned Duchess Blue has a flower-power inspired epiphany: “Yeah, I think highly of myself, that’s why I’m the Dutchess and that’s why I won’t let anyone treat me like I’m worthless…”

Duchess Blue Flower Power

2. Thandi ‘Duchess Blue’ strikes a flower-power-pose at The Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island.

Blue Mbombo At The Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island

3. ‘Duchess’ Blue Mbombo channelling Boho chic with a touch of flower-power at the #057HC event.

Duchess Blue channeling boho chic-with a touch of flower power

4. Beach-rocking swimwear: We love Blue’s fun and flirty playfulness, “Unga zoba serious…#playtime”

Duchess Blue enjoys play time by the sea flaunting her flower power crown

5. Even when ‘Duchess Blue’ is conducting the daily affairs of ordinary business such as grocery shopping, her flower-power crown does not get left behind!

Duchess Blue does not leave the house with her flower power crown

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