A different look for any type of first date you end up going to

Your date is set and now the only thing that’s on your mind is what you to wear? Whether your date is at the theme park or you are going out to the movies, you have to look cute and make your date drool at your feet. Some will instantly settle for the festive red look or opt for something in pink, sure it’s the perfect go to but we want you to look your best, feel and look confident and sexy! Have a look at these looks that work for these popular types of dates, leaving you feeling flirty, fun and sexy.


At an arcade there are plenty of games to play so you have to think smart here as you want to look cute but be comfortable. So play around with tailored shorts or a fancy top and mix it up with sporty items just to create a causal yet stylish balance.

Marble Print Jacket: R729, Forever 21

Orange Vest: R90, Forever 21

Jeans: R729, Forever 21

Navy Shoes: R1999, Castelo


Silver Hoops: R160, Tessa Design

Choker: R149, Accessorize

Silver Marble Stone Chain: R340, Tessa Design

Gold off Shoulder Top: R629, River Island

Rings (set of 5): R549, Accessorize

Black Denim Shorts: R499, The Lot

Wedges: R1999, Castelo


This can be tricky especially for us girls because you will be moving a lot so you have to dress appropriately for this type of date. Here’s a tip, choose light fabrics that way you don’t get hot easily and start sweating in front of your date, who wants that? Not cute! And opt for simple items in print that way, you still look funky and stylish or go for an off shoulder top which is the easiest item to look flirty while being comfortable.


Printed T-Shirt: R329, Forever 21

Salmon Shorts: R149, H&M

Navy Brogues: R3290, Europa Art


Gold Earrings: R140, Tessa Design

Twist Necklace: R399, Tessa Design

Multi Ring Chain: R180, Tessa Design

White Off Shoulder Top: R799, Jo Borkett

Ring: R160, Tessa Design

Gold Cuff: R240, Tessa Design

Velvet Shorts: R299, The Lot

Gold Woven Sneakers: R2990, Europa Art


When dressing for the theme park, rather focus on what not to wear. Don’t wear a skirt unless you want to flash someone and worry about the wind blowing your skirt. Avoid heels as you’ll be walking up and down and it might just be brutal (block heels are an exception). The key is comfort but you can still add a dash of chic by opting for printed items or ripped detailing.Diane

Gold Hoops: R160, Tessa Design

Choker: R149, Accessorize

Gold Chain: R180, Tessa Design

Ripped jacket: Price On Request, Replay

Printed Vest: R399, The Lot

Rings: R260, Tessa Design

Pin Stripe Pants: R999, JoBorkett

Pom Pom Sandals: R1900, Soul


Printed Shirt: R499, The Lot

Ripped Jeans: R5479, Forever 21

Sneakers: R1390, Europa Art



If you are going for dinner then make the most of it and go all out and make sure to wear what you would normally wear. You don’t want to be worrying about the clothing you’re wearing which is very uncomfortable instead of focusing on your date.Diane

Silver Hoops: R160, Tessa Design

Silver Leaf Necklace: R180, Tessa design

Black Top: R299, The Lot

Silver Shirt: R899, H&M

Rings: R260, Tessa Design

Metallic Green Pleated Pants: R629, H&M

Strappy Block Heels: R2490, Europa Art


Black Jacket: R1999, Forever 21

Printed Shirt: R199, H&M

Jeans: R899, River Island

Black High Tops: R6550, By Roberto Carvalli, Castelo


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Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Dumond: (011) 784 0305

Forever21: (011) 883-0025

Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

YDE: (011) 784-0375

H&M: (011) 592-3200

The Lot: (011) 880-1603

Castelo: (011) 883-8767

River Island: (011) 214-7781

Jo Borkett: (011) 883-7240

Tessa Design: (011) 268-0997

Parooz: (011) 403-2035

Tally Weijl: (011) 682-1409 / 011 784 0496

Replay: 011 884-6727

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