Dangerous Curves Ahead

HAVING curves doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! Whoever said you can’t wear certain styles or you have to hide your curves is wrong! Looking good has nothing to do with what people say or the size on the tag, it’s all about wearing whatever you want with confidence and showing off your best features. For those that wish they were a way to get rid or parts of their body that they don’t like and don’t want to go under the knife to remove, clothing is an accessible and inexpensive way to get the same results. Just look.

LOOK 1angerous-curves-ahead-5Tip: WHOEVER said if you’re curvy you can’t wear horizontal stripes didn’t know what they were on about! Use horizontal stripes as an element of your clothing instead of an entire look, pair it with vertical stripes to give a slimming effect and end it off with a solid hue which will help break up the impact of stripes.

Rozanne Olivier(Left)


Earrings: R169.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Silver Statement Necklace: R299.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Black Jacket: R599, City Chic

Stripe Dress (Worn As A Top): R629, Forever21

Stripe Skirt With Pocket: R119.99, Mr Price

Silver Cuff: R150, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Navy Strappy Heels: R2 490, Dumond

Nokuthula Tanda(Right)

Tip: WHETHER a skirt or dress, make sure it sits just above your knee, as this is an area where your legs start to get slimmer, so it’s a great place for the hem to sit.

-WHETHER you choose to pair your belt with a dress or pants, it’ll help to create a slimming and sleek style to accentuate your curves.

Gold And Black Necklace: R219.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Green Off the Shoulder Top: R69.99, Mr Price

Gold Cuff: R220, R150, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Black Culottes: R499, City Chic

Bronze Ankle Strap Block Heels: R2 590, Clarks

LOOK 2dangerous-curves-ahead-4Tip: WHEN choosing a pencil skirt then go for a clean, simple A-line skirt that gently goes over the hips and then falls just below the knee.

Nokuthula Tanda

Gold Hoops: R114.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Gold Beaded Necklace: R549, Accessorize

Gold Tassel Necklace: R250, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Nude Top: R350, Dashing Fashion

Khaki Jacket: R849, City Chic

Black Skirt: R499, City Chic

Nude Courts: R5 290, Europa Art


Rozanne Olivier

Tip:IF you are tall and full figured, then you can get away with bigger and wider stripes creating a balance.

Large Teardrop Earrings: R114.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Black Flower Necklace: R240, Rozanne Olivier

Gold Tassel Chain: R130, Rozanne Olivier

Striped Dress: R1 490, Robot

Denim Jacket: R99, City Chic

Black Clutch: R360, Rozanne Olivier

Black Ankle Strap Heels: R1299.95, Dune



-OPT for a V-neck style which will help elongate your figure and draw all the intention to your beautiful face.

Nokuthula Tanda

Gold Earrings: R209.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Gold Chain: R150,

Printed Bomber Jacket: R229.99, Mr Price

Red Bodysuit: R349, Forever21

Gold & Black Cuff: R220, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Gold Rings: R209.95, Colette By Colette Hayman

Boyfriend Jeans: R799, Forever 21

Red Courts: R2 590, Europa Art

Rozanne Olivier

Tip: MAKE sure that when you’re choosing an item to go with your clothing, keep it fitted, even if it’s a full skirt, and balance it out by pairing the item with a fitted top or shirt. This works best on girls with a heavier midsection.

Gold Earrings: R55, By FUG Accessories, YDE

White Flower Necklace: R220, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Printed T-Shirt: R99.99, Mr Price

Denim Jacket: R269.99, Mr Price

Black Leather Skirt: R649, Forever 21

Gold Rings: R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Blue Courts: R1 990, Europa Art


LOOK 4dangerous-curves-ahead-2Tip: BUSY tops can be unforgiving if you’re busty, just remember to pair the item with neutrals to help balance it out.

Rozanne Olivier

Gold Earrings: R179.50, Colette By Colette hayman

Mint Necklace: R250, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Denim Shirt: R599, City Chic

Floral Printed Crop Top: R6 999, Mr Price

White Skirt: R179.99, Mr Price

Mint Brogues: R 1699, Melissa

Nokuthula Tanda

Tip: AN item that has rouging or a wrap dress helps highlight your upper body and slim a full tummy.

Gold Hoops: R99, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Blue layered Necklace: R309.50, Colette BY Colette Hayman

Blue Jacket: R599, City Chic

Printed T-Shirt: R479, Forever 21

Grey Skirt: R119.99, Mr Price

Nude Slip On Heels: R2 099, Melissa

LOOK 5dangerous-curves-ahead-1Tip: NUDE or LBD is your go to item to create slimming and sleek effect and just remember to add on a bright coloured item or statement accessorizes to avoid a dull and plain Jane look.

Rozanne Olivier

Gold Disc Earrings: R249, Accessorize

Gold Necklace: R169.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Mint Beaded Necklace: R229, Accessorize

Tan Top With Slits And Matching Tights: Price On Request, Revelation Fashion

Diamante Bangles: Price On Request, Colette By Colette Hayman

Midi Rings: R209.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Shoes With Heart Detail: Price on Request, Melissa

Nokuthula Tanda

Tip: IF you’re busty, then opt for a small V-neck cut which will elongate your neckline and calm down the bust.

Gold Earrings: R114.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Blue Necklace: R250, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Printed Floral Dress: R799, City Chic

Bangle: R399, Accessorize

Silver Heels: R1 699.95, Dune



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