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Converse Launches New Collection by Celebrating the Fearless Youth of the World

Converse is celebrating the continuation of its Rated One Star campaign with the release of the new Dark Star collection. Converse is a brand that acknowledges and celebrates the antihero attitude. It’s for those who dare to be unapologetic. In celebration of this spirit, Converse will release the new One Star Dark Star suede pack. The Dark Star pack is crafted in five bold colourways. The collection is a seasonal remix to the One Star icon, paying homage to the silhouette’s heritage in skate culture beginning in the 90’s. Skate crews would colour in the white stars black on their classic One Stars. The iconic star is the center-point of the premium suede upper and materializes in black for one of the first times since its original debut in 1994.Symbolic of the ethos of the One Star, the silhouette boasts matching black laces featuring the phrase “Sworn To Fun, Loyal To One,” while the midsole hosts a thin black pinstripe serving as a subtle, yet defined statement. The campaign, Rated One Star is about celebrating the impulsive,audacious and fearless behavior of youth. The Dark Star campaign talent is made-up of teens and young adults from across the globe, who
are known to not conform to mainstream trends, but are considered the influential teens amongst their peers and local communities. We call them Converse X.Converse X teens from around the world, including our very own South African representative Monica Kasirivu, are featured in the global “Dark Star” Rated One Star campaign. Converse X, formed in 2018, is a global youth community that was formed to connect young adults together that embody the Converse mentality. They don’t conform to mainstream trends but choose to make their own and are unapologetically and uniquely themselves.
Converse X and One Star are an invitation to teens and any like-minded individuals to own their spaces. Converse are encouraging you to place yourself a step towards a path that is designed for only you, by you. To find the content that has been created from the Converse X community check out.

#Converse_X_ on Instagram.
The Dark Star pack will retail for R1299.95, dropping on February 1st 2019 in Converse Stores.



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