Conditioning 101 with Gary Rom Woodlands

Your hair is 90% of your selfie, well so they say, so best you make sure your hair looks amazing.  There are so many factors that influence good hair condition. Freya Labuschagne from Gary Rom Hairdressing in Woodlands has got you covered with a few tips to keep your hair in the best condition.

  • A question that often comes up is how many times a week should you shampoo your hair and is everyday shampooing bad for your hair and scalp?  Ask your stylist to advise you as to what suits your scalp, is your scalp oily or dry?  What texture of hair do you have, is it curly – which is more forgiving of skipping a day or 3 or do you have straight hair that seems to look oily after a day? What kind of lifestyle do you lead, do you gym daily or aren’t active at all? Your stylist should be able to recommend the amount of times you need to shampoo and which products you would need if you should have a scalp condition.  Your scalp is extremely important but is often neglected.  If you have issues on your scalp like dryness, oiliness, hair loss etc., these could all influence your end look.
  • The next step is conditioning your hair.  Make sure that you towel dry your hair after shampooing your hair twice (always twice and make sure the 2nd shampoo is left on for at least 3 minutes so that the active ingredients can have a chance to work).  If you don’t towel dry the hair prior to applying the conditioner it waters down the product so it can’t do its job effectively.  Conditioner is applied to the mid-lengths and ends and left on for at least 3 minutes before combing your hair through with a wide tooth comb.  Leave-in conditioners should only be used as an add-on product (that is used as extra nourishment with a rinse-out conditioner) as they are often not nutritious enough to be used on their own.
  • A home treatment is so important and so underestimated.  We always do an in-salon treatment on a day of a chemical service to ensure that the condition of your hair is beautiful when you leave us. Most women go to the hair salon once is 6 weeks so that gives us 8 – 9 times in a year to treat your hair, you need to go home and keep that up so that your hair stays in the best condition it can be.  Depending on the condition of your hair you should do a home treatment every 5 – 7 shampoos, but your stylist should be able to advise you on how often and if it should be protein, moisture, or both.
  • Before styling you should be applying heat protection every time you start up a dryer or an iron.  Drying and ironing or curling your hair removes moisture from your hair that also needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct a home treatment regime for your hair in between salon visits.
  • If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the sun, then you should be mindful about using products with UV filters for your locks which will also protect your colour.

Gary Rom Hairdressing (GRH) has been at the forefront of hair design, servicing the heads of Pretoria and Johannesburg movers and shakers for over 20 years. The brainchild of Gary Rom, his first salon opened in Pretoria in the late eighties, to offer clients an unparalleled “experience” when it came to their hair styling.

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