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Colour Of The Year: Ultra Violet!

We always look forward to a New Year because that means that a new colour of the year will be introduced. It’s more to do with a reflection of what’s needed in the world today than to what’s trending in the world. When you think of purple, many may associate the colour with depression and frustration but you’re completely wrong. Ultra violet embodies mystery, individuality and provocativeness. We are excited about this colour and we had to test it out and see how we could make it work in the real world, so take a look at what we came up with.


We have to give it to the designers because it’s not easy creating something different and that catches the eye. Yet that challenge has never stopped them and we glad it doesn’t as what walks the runway is always *gasp*. Let’s see how the colour has already made its way onto the runway.

Carolina Herrara Spring/Summer 2018Gucci Spring/Summer 2018Versace Spring/Summer 2018


You know we have to go the streets to have a look at how fashionistas do it, and off course like every trend, they nail it!They welcome any trend with open hands and try making the trend work for them. This is what everyone should do when a trend comes out. Also, you gain inspiration by looking at how they pair the trends especially if you’re stuck and don’t know where to start.



This colour has been seen worn by Queen Elizabeth multiple times, but unfortunately we all don’t have the same sense of style as the Queen and if you’re younger, then she might not be the best style icon to look at for inspiration. As much as we love the Queen, we looked for a few of our most loved celebrities that have rocked this colour or different shade of violet. There’s a celeb look to steal for all personalities. SHOP

So now that we’ve given you the inspiration, it’s time to go out there and pull those wallets out. And remember you don’t have to wear the exact shade, you could always look for the shade in a print or a bit darker or lighter shade if you’re bold enough.

Earrings: R233, Bay OneSneakers: R299.99, The FixHeels: R419 by Urban Zone, ZandoHandbag: R445 by Blackcherry, Zando


Zando: 0861 192 636

Bay One:




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