Cartoon Pop Art Fashion With An Attitude Twist

MZANSI socialite, media specialist and former PR owner of OnTargetMedia, Zara Nikola Briner showcased her hidden talent of modelling in our recent fashion editorial of Beauty With Attitude (which you can currently get in our latest people mag in store or online). We throw back to her moment of fame and glory, her very own mark of lights, camera and action!

Zara Briner
How was your first time experience of modelling for people magazine South Africa?
At first, it was daunting but I eased into it and had great direction from the fashion girls.
What helped you get comfortable and into your role?
The fashion team’s encouragement and feedback pushed me more and that helped a lot because having a point of reference made it easier

Which fashion look was your favourite?
I absolutely love this fashion look! What I adore most about it is the different sock levels and quirky cartoon outfit. The whole ensemble pops with all the colours of cartoon pop art. It’s just different!

Zara Briner
What was your favourite part of the shoot?
Getting my hair and make-up treat. That was a great delight!
What did you find most challenging?
Those poses – oh my word! I had to be serious which was tough because I’m not a serious person [giggles]. Getting into character is challenging. I have a new found respect for models.

Zara Briner
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