Blake Lively’s Big Hair

WHEN we saw Blake Lively stepping out with major curls, we thought that we time travelled back to 1986, when the perm was last in fashion – but can it work in 2016? It looks as though a lot of celebs think so! And we totally support it! Just look how amazing some of our favourite starlets look! We’re celebrating the return of the perm with your guide to massive volume and lively curls. Here’s why you should, too.

Blake Lively

FOR years we’ve had a one note definition of what beautiful hair is, but now, we’re in the midst of a hair renaissance with everyone embracing the hair they were born with. All hair textures and types are now accepted, and the cookie cutter look is a thing of the past! Hurray! Girls who spent all their time and money on relaxing and straightening treatments can now give that all up if they want to embrace the new trend in hair. On the other hand, perms can now be used to tame frizz, make hair more manageable, add volume and create soft, subtle waves. Anything is possible with the updated perm!

What To Expect

PERMS in the olden days never looked soft or natural, but that’s the way to go now. The newer technology for perms is free of thio and ammonia. And the formula gently seeps into hair without breaking and badly damaging it, so that hair stays hydrated and supple. After the treatment is applied, hair is wrapped into a pattern with soft tools that are carefully chosen to create the distinct look you seek.

Consider This:

  • PERMS aren’t only there to give ringlet curls (please, no!), but it can give soft waves or to add body to limp hair.
  • CONFIDENCE is key when wanting a perm. Why you might ask? A perm is such a dramatic style that if you don’t have the confidence to pull it off, you could be miserable for the nine months it takes to grow out.
  • PERM solution can damage hair, so consider more of a natural texture.
  • FOCUS more on the cut than the actual style. If the cut is great, you don’t have to worry about whether your ends are wavy or your roots are fuzzy.
  • IF you have coloured or highlighted hair, then this treatment is a big no-no due to the chemical nature of the process. Consult a professional.
  • ONE of the things we’ve learned from repeated views of Legally Blonde is don’t wash your hair immediately after having a perm!
  • WHEN going for a consultation, take along pictures to make sure you and the stylist are on the same page.
  • A REGULAR oil treatment every time you wash your hair will help maintain the condition.

Try It At Home

BEGIN with wet hair and start diffusing. Make it as curly as possible with scrunch drying and sea salt sprays. If you need more curl, apply a curl defining product through the mid-lengths and ends, and then diffuse and scrunch.

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