Best (Hair) In Class

THERE’S nothing like an old school ponytail. It can be casual or elegant, sexy or flirty, or just plain messy! Ponytails are one of the best go-to hairstyles for any occasion. But since having your hair up is a requirement for 12 years of the school phase of life, it can get tedious. Luckily, the humble ponytail can be rejuvenated. With the help of people (and our fave celebrities), class do’s don’t have to be so boring and you can sport a new one every day of the week!

High Class

A gravity-defying high ponytail is an It-girl approved trend that works to your advantage: it can easily work with bedhead hair or second…or third (or fourth!) day strands. Flip hair over and douse in dry shampoo (this helps for oiliness and to create a bit of volume on the roots. Then, using a bristle brush, gather the hair into a high pony. Bonus points if you use thick towelling ponies.



Ciara, Kim Kardashian And Lala Anthony

Tendril Time

LUXE ponytails are now being accompanied by face-framing tendrils on the red carpet. So why not at assembly? Instead of hairspray, prep the hair with a blow-dry cream. Run it through from roots to end, with your fingers. Add disheveled waves to the lengths of the hair before securing the style and leaving a section of wavy tendrils out at the front. If you have a fringe, use it as part of this style by parting it in the middle and using a straightening iron to bend the strands towards your ears.

Dakota Johnson And Karrueche Tran

Faux Show

USE your natural texture. Multi-textured hair types might struggle to pull off the sleek ponytail. But try this: moisturise hair before applying gel to keep hair properly hydrated and help to lay your hair down flatter. For the best results, opt for a heavier formula, like a cream or butter. Now that the slicking is taken care of, you’re left with the actual ponytail. If you use clip-in extensions, put your real hair into a small bun, place the extensions around the bun, and tie it up. Spread it out into a ponytail to conceal the bun.

Gabrielle Union And Jourdan Dunn

TIP: RUBBER bands can cause tears and breakage. Instead, use a hair tie without a metal clip.

Your Choice Of Curl

BE it a single glamorous spiral or multiple subtle waves, curls are the easiest way to go from after school extracurriculars to dinner with the ’rents by just taking out a hair tie. Start with a dollop of curl cream or mousse and brush through your ponytail. Either curl all of the hair in the ponytail in the same direction, fashioning your tresses into one fantastic, fat curl or take smaller pieces and alternate the direction for a messier look.

Sara Sampaio And Simone Missick

Awesome All In One

IF you’ve ever wondered of a bun, ponytail and braid could be combined into one perfect style? Serayah’s hairstyle at this year’s AMFAR Gala proves that this is possible. It’s the perfect all in one. Warning: you do need a lot of hair (or clip-ins) to recreate this multifaceted look. Start with a simple high pony, and twist about half the hair around the hair tie, to create a bun. Then braid the leftover piece, but don’t go all the way to the tip.


REMEMBER that time when you wouldn’t be caught dead in a scrunchie? Well, that was last year. Now, they’re back in! And yay for the ponytail, because this actually makes it interesting. Top it off with the perfect hair accessories to make your school uniform slightly more attractive. Bow accessories are another way to up you pony game. Accessorise to ensure your hair is on-trend this school year.

Lily James And Hailey Baldwin

TIP: SPRAY a little hairspray onto a toothbrush to tame any flyaways.



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