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This Belt Bag Will Elevate Any Ensemble

Hands free? No, we are not referring to the Bluetooth in your car, but the belt bag trend we are drooling over. This is what most girls dream about when having to leave home for any reason.  No need to have your hands filled with everything you require to get on your way. Around your waist it goes and *SNAP* you’re good to go.

The belt bag gives you an enormous amount of freedom with no dents in your shoulders or having to worry about what you’re holding. We find this trend more chic, prettier and more glam than conventional bags, and it’s the perfect accessory to accentuate your waistline.

It works with almost any look.  If you are as intrigued by the trend as we are, we’ve gathered a list of the dreamiest belt bags to spice up any of your looks. There… Doesn’t it feel like some weight has been lifted off your shoulders already?


Black Bag With Eyelid Detail: R229, All Heart, Zando

Blue Perspex Bag: R359, Bay One

White Studded Bag: R359, Bay One


Blush Pink Bag With Eyelid Detail: R359, Bay One



Black Bag: R479, Bay One

Red bag With Gold Detail: POR, Zara


Yellow bag: POR, Top Shop


Top Shop: 011 685-7070

Bay One:

Zara: 011 302 1500

Zando: 0861 192 636


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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

Assistant fashion editor

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