What’s In Winnie Harlow’s Bag?

by Gabrielle Ozynski

FEW faces are as recognisable and unique as Winnie Harlow’s. She boasts 6.4 million Instagram followers, has modelled for every brand from Nike to Victoria’s Secret and presented a TEDxTalk about her skin condition – vitiligo – titled ‘My Story Is Painted on My Body’, which has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The outspoken model is self-confidence personified. But what does the she keep close at hand? ‘I’m literally Mary Poppins’ she jokes. Let’s see what she means as she opens her bag for us.

Uniri Mustard Handbag: R799, ALDO

On Skin

SHE’S a hoarder of Avène’s Cicalfate Repair Cream. ‘I can’t live without it. The cream is one of the only things that properly soothes my sensitive skin and the salve is so multipurpose: I use it for my lips, hands and cuticles and to take off make-up backstage.’

Cicalfate Repair Cream (40ml): R185, Eau Thermale Avène

Breath Of Fresh Air
‘I’VE smelled a lot of breath in my life, and my biggest fear is for someone to smell mine. So I always have gum.’


Orbit Bubblemint Sugarfree Chewing Gum (10 Pieces): R9.99, Wrigley’s

Read Her Lips
JUST like most girls out there Winnie believes that ‘Lip gloss is a necessity.’

Kiss Me Plumping Gloss: R99, W7 Cosmetics


Frame Of Mind
‘I love carrying Polaroids whenever I’m traveling. They’re just good memories, good vibes.’

Instax Mini 9 Camera: R1 199, Fujifilm

Pop Star

‘I’M obsessed with soda. I obviously can’t drink it 24/7 – I need to stay hydrated – so I replace it with sparkling water as much as possible.’

Sparkling Ginger & Lime Flavoured Spring Drink: R8.99, Woolworths

Curl Power

‘AS a totally natural haired girl you can’t just swear by one product, but if I could only use one brand I’d choose Moroccanoil. I have used it for as long as I can remember to maintain my curls.’

Intense Curl Cream (300ml): R485, Moroccanoil



ALDO: (011) 884-4141

Eau Thermale Avène: (011) 803 5140

Fujifilm: (011) 430 5400

Moroccanoil: (011) 305-1600

Typo: (011) 784-2485

W7 Cosmetics: Selected Retailers

Woolworths: 0860 022 002

Wrigley’s: Selected Retailers

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