Trend To Try: Bangs

THE Coolest accessory of the moment is most definitely bangs, as Maisie Williams demonstrated with her new hair. Getting a fringe is an instant style statement and totally a trend to try. The best part of this hairstyle is that you don’t have to break the bank to have it. It’s a must-have for long, medium or super short hair. And of course, a fringe works with every haircut and celebs have been popping up all over the place with it, so there is a lot of inspiration if you are contemplating a fringe. Whatever look you go for, our pick of the most gorgeous celebrity fringes will help you work out exactly who you want to emulate.

Full-On Fringe

Trend - Ciara
TO achieve Ciara’s hairstyle, ask your stylist to start closer to the crown of the head in a pie section. Her bangs are full and wide with a soft layer around the edges, which enhances cheekbones in a majorly flattering way.


Freshen Up

Trend - Taylor Swift
KEEP your long bangs like Taylor Swifts’s looking fresh by pulling the rest of your hair back into a ponytail and washing only your bangs when you wash your face. This way you refresh your style without having to wash the whole of your head each time.

Curly Girls

Trend - Ella Eyre
IF you have curly hair like Ella Eyre, prepare yourself to style your bangs daily. But the end product is totally worth it!

Will A Fringe Suit My Current Hairstyle?
ANY hairstyle can be amped up by adding a fringe. It frames your face, takes years off and accentuates your eyes. The only rule is the fringe and the rest of the hairstyle need to work together. For example, if you have textured, Boho waves, an angular fringe is going to look strange.

Finding The Fringe
USE these tips as a guideline when choosing bangs to suit your face shape.
Round Face Shape: Visually slim the face with a thick, side-swept fringe.
Oval Face Shape: Lucky you! Anything goes. From the mini-fringe to the full-on textured style.
Long Face Shape: Opt for a long, heavy fringe. A side-swept or mid-parted one will look good too.
Heart Face Shape: Choose a long, layered, centre-parted fringe, sloping down from eyelash level to cheekbones.
Square Face Shape: Do a centre-parted bang. It covers the sides of the forehead, creating the illusion of roundness.