Trend To Try: Smoke And Lashes

FLORALS for Spring may be a dime a dozen, but when paired with the right face, it can elevate your look completely. Actress (and badass boxer) Nicole Bessick shows us exactly how to wear the latest in make-up trends, so you can shed the winter layers and get into the mood for spring. Recreate Nicole’s beauty looks in three easy steps. We promise you’ll draw every eye directly to those cheekbones (or brows…or eyes).

  1. Streamline your classic smokey eye with a girly twist: use pink eyeshadow instead of brown or black. Shade and blend the edges with various pink hues, lightly dusting it on the crease as well.
  2. Follow this with some shine: sweep a highlighter across cheekbones and add blusher to the cheeks.
  3. Go monochrome mad by matching pout to peepers. Outline lips before filling in with the same shade.


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TIP: IT’S easier to add more shadow than to take it away. Start with less and then add more.