Trend To Try: Grungy Eyeliner

WE remember the nineties fondly as the era of the Spice Girls, Clueless and The Rachel haircut. But we also have PTSD form the nineties. Should we remind you of butterfly clips (yes, grown females used to wear these!), plucked-to-death eyebrows and lipliner that didn’t actually need to match your lipstick choice. All these are enough to have us never want to think of that dark time in beauty history ever again…But a few of these trends are endearing, nay awesome. Here are five of the nineties flashback trends we’d give a go again.

Kim Kardashian And Lily-Rose Depp

FIRST came the bedhead, and now lived-in, just-woke-up make-up is all the rage. There’s no room for a meticulously applied eyelid flick here. Lower lid liner is making a comeback in a big way. Contrary to what you might think, grudge inspired eyes are an everyday, wearable make-up style. Draw it on and smudge it – that’s it. For an added bit of pretty, blend bronze powder eyeliner under the eyes.

Liquid Lash Liner Inner Eyeliner: R490, By Kat Von D, Muse Beauty, Graphik Ink Eyeliner: R335, Clarins, Gel Liner: R59.95, L.A. Girl, The Metallic Eyeshadow: R149.95, 3INA And EyeStudio Master Smoky Shadow Eyeliner Smoky: R131, Maybelline



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