Trend To Try: Glitterati

Glitter Crease Make-Up Main Image

WE all know that glitter has taken over in the eye make-up department, but a glitter crease will really show off your skills as a budding make-up artist.

Glitter Crease Make-Up
A useful tip when trying this trend: begin with eye first. Since you are working with glitter, there will definitely be some fallout. This makes it easier to wipe away the fallout and creates a cleaner foundation. Feel free to use loose glitter or (easier) liquid glitter liner.

Hayley Wright (@cosmobyhaley) has the best tip ever to get the glitter at just the right spot in the crease. ‘Whenever I’m putting on the glitter, I tilt my head back, and when I’m looking down, you can see the natural indent of where your crease is, and then [you] just put the eye shadow on while you’re tilting your head back.’


Glitter Goals Quad Palette: R180, NYX

Multi-Use Glitter: R345, MAC Cosmetics

Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter Single: R39.95, By Wet ‘n Wild, Clicks