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Trend To Try: Come As You Are Hair

WE remember the nineties fondly as the era of the Spice Girls, Clueless and The Rachel haircut. But we also have PTSD form the nineties. Should we remind you of butterfly clips (yes, grown females used to wear these!), plucked-to-death eyebrows and lipliner that didn’t actually need to match your lipstick choice. All these are enough to have us never want to think of that dark time in beauty history ever again…But a few of these trends are endearing, nay awesome. Here’s one of the nineties flashback trends we’d give a go again: effortless hair.

SCRUNCHED Hair was a thing in the nineties. We then moved to beachy hair, which was a much more relaxed, not so tight, natural wave. Now it’s all about the effortless bed-head. Yes, there’s still a slight wave and loads of texture, but think Nirvana and get head banging to achieve this I-did-absolutely-nothing-before-leaving-the-house mop. Curl your hair as you would to get the beach waves we’ve all but perfected by this stage, then tip your head upside down, spritzing on lots of texturising spray.

Paris Jackson, Lucy Hale And Olivia Munn


The Wave Maker Texturizing Beach Spray: R159.95, By Cake, Clicks, Fashion Work Hairspray: R398, Redken, Tame & Define Firm Hold Curl Cream: R118, By Trevor Sorbie, Dis-Chem, 3-In-1 Iron: R3 021, Kardashian Beauty And True Professional Bye. Bye. Frizz 8-In-1 Serum: R169.99, Marc Anthony



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