Tamaryn On Beauty

She made us proud on the international stage at the Miss Universe competition and brought back first runner up at the prestigious beauty pageant (we believe she should have taken the crown, of course) and now Tamaryn Green is back in SA to complete her reigning year as Miss South Africa. We couldn’t be more proud of the 24-year-old beauty and soon-to-be medical doctor from Paarl. We can obviously learn a thing or two from her when it comes to beauty. Some of us don’t get through a month without switching up our hair and make-up looks. But for others, certain styles are just too good to let go of. Case in point: Tamaryn’s three beauty non-negotiables.

  1. Pearly Whites

HER winning smile definitely played a part in winning judges over at the various pageants she’s taken part in. White teeth play an important role in beauty. Whiter teeth improves confidence, makes you look younger and more attractive. But over time teeth become stained from smoking, coffee, red wine and simply from the natural aging process. So along with a whitening toothpaste, use a specialised product, like whitening pens or strips to give your teeth a boost.


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  1. Shiny Hair

IT looks like she brushes her hair 100 times before bed every night! How does she get her hair so shiny? Tamaryn has revealed on Instagram that she’s a fan of CHI hair care products. Their Deep Moisture range restores depleted moisture to dry, damaged hair by infusing strands with essential vitamins and antioxidants for a shiny, smooth, frizz-free finish. When locks are dry, grab the flat-iron. Helping ruffled hair cuticles lie flat, gives hair that extra-glossy effect. A shine serum or spray after styling can’t hurt either.

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FACT: LIGHTER hair is porous and more susceptible to buildup, so it’s shiniest when it’s cleanest. Darker hair on the other hand, will hit peak glossiness one day after a deep conditioning.

  1. Make-Up Maven

WE heard a rumour that Tamaryn did her own make-up for the Miss Universe pageant. So there’s no doubt that she’s a pro! One thing she never compromises on is her glowing skin. Starting with your skincare routine, invest in an exfoliator to slosh away dead skin, leaving it smoother and brighter. Follow this with a radiance enhancing foundation. Simple does it when it comes to Tamaryn’s make-up. When she plays up her eyes, Tamaryn chooses bronze tones. Eyeshadow with these undertones will bring out green and gold flashes in brown eyes. Hints of red and copper will contrast with any green or gold, making them look extra dramatic. Finish off by smudging a bronze liner around the eye from the top lash line to the bottom one for a deep, sultry effect

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