Red Alert! Red Hair Is Having A Moment

NOT too long ago, Zendaya debuted her red hair at the Spiderman Far From Home press event. No doubt to channel her on-screen character Mary Jane Watson (MJ), the love interest of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Fans went insane! And we’re not just talking Superhero fans, but beauty fans the world over too. I mean, how great does she look?! But Zendaya is not the first to wow with a drastic colour change to standout red. Tons of celebs have selected to become redheads, some even permanently. Whether you choose deep auburn, ginger, copper or a sweet strawberry-blonde, we’ve got tips on how to get red and keep red.

K Michelle


Jessica Nkosi

Get it!

YOUR lifelong dream of winning at life as a redhead is actually attainable. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Treat your choice of red hair colour as you would pair a lipstick with your outfit and ensure it’s going to complement your skin tone.
  • Keep in mind that often it will take more than one session at the hairstylist (or more than one box at home) to get the look. Dark hair would need more work than lighter hair, so be prepared for a process.
  • If you have darker skin, the cherry reds of the colour spectrum will look best on you.
  • Red starts off much darker when it’s fresh and then it gradually fades over time, so don’t be alarmed if your ginger colour choice turns out fire engine red first.
  • Colouring on top of an existing dye job can be risky. If hair has since grown out, adding red colour can create an uneven look from roots to tips. Consult a professional to suggest a solution.

Keep It!

RED hair is infamous for not sticking around for long. Perfect for a quick fling, not so much a long-term commitment. But we’ve got some ways to keep fiery locks flowing.

  • Leave hair as long as possible between washes to hold onto colour – dry shampoo will be your BFF.
  • IF you’ve gone from very dark hair to red, chances are some bleach was used, which makes hair dry and brittle. Combat this with a weekly hair mask or leave-in conditioner.
  • heat styling tools are Most Wanted for committing crimes against hair colour, so always employ a heat protectant spray.
  • When it’s time for a lather, your best bet would be sulphate-free shampoo that’s specifically formulated for dyed red hair.
  • If a cold shower doesn’t seem enticing to you, you’re not alone, but for the sake of your dye job, you might just want to stand it. Hot water opens the hair cuticles and makes the colour fade even faster.

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