Trend To Try: Pastel Lips

EVERYONE loves Easter. We get to have a little break from our responsibilities, we have an excuse to eat tons of chocolate and we can use the colours as inspiration in our wardrobes and make-up kits. But you never want to look like an Easter egg, which is the risk that you’re taking when trying our pastel make-up. Lipsticks in pastel is a trend right now. But can be tricky. Don’t fear, we are here with helpful tips and tricks to help you look amazing with pastels.

Rihanna Pastel Make-Up

Rihanna wears pastel shades perfectly!

  • Before applying make sure your lips are super-smooth by exfoliating gently with a lip scrub or your toothbrush.
  • Dab a little concealer over your lips. This will neutralise your own lip colour and ensure the lipstick looks the same on your lips as it does in the tube.
  • Pastel lipstick can wash you out, so make sure you test a few different shades to find one that works for you.
  • When you’re finished, pop your index finger inti your mouth and pull it out with your lips puckered tightly over your finger. This will get rid of any excess lipstick on the inside of the lips and stop lipstick from getting on your teeth
  • Blotting lipstick removes the oilier base of the lipstick while leaving the pigment. Which works great for all lipsticks, not only pastels.

Here are our favourite pastel lippies that you can actually wear quite easily.

Sugar Glaze Shine Lip Liquid: R100, The Body Shop, Round Lipstick In Castle: R109.95, NYX And Frost Lipstick: R250, MAC Cosmetics



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