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AS winter is fast approaching, many of us struggle with scalp irritations and problems. Not only is jackets, coco, lattes and all things warm  part of our daily routine, but skin changes and routines become more nourishing and luxurious . What we tend to forget however is that our scalp is part of our skin. And also needs more TLC in most cases.  We’ve got the best tips from Mya Holder at Gary Rom Hairdressing to assist your scalp this winter.

Dryness is one of the most common changes, even though it is almost always perceived as dandruff. This is the worst mistake of all. As dandruff shampoos will always seem to eliminate the problem, but in actual fact, could be drying out the scalp more in the long run. The main difference is that Dandruff is bigger, almost cornflake size flakes that can be sticky and even have an odour. Where dryness is smaller flakes that easily loosen when you rub over it with your finger. In the case of dryness GRH Pure balance shampoo in between your normal range or even as your every time cleanse is great.

If you tend to have dry skin normally, winter will tend to make things worse. Then GRH Derma Assist is like a cream for your scalp. So when your scalp is dry, you would use it more often and when it is better less often, just to maintain and give the scalp a boost. This will sooth, calm, rehydrate, and nourish the scalp without weight. There is also an in salon Treatment, to boost these effects and get your skin back to normal sooner.

Hair loss on the other hand is a continued struggle. Because it is caused by so many different reasons, it is difficult to manage. Whatever treatment you choose, whether this is Aminexil or hair transplants or any of the other programs, it would more than likely be for life. Aminexil is great in the sense that it is a 6week program to use 2x a year. It works on the collagen that is hardening to soften it and give the cells a vitamin cocktail to nourish and simulate growth.

Kerastase Densifique or Loreal Serioxyl however works on stimulating new hair growth, to wake up hair that is in sleep mode. This is a 3 month program that you need to commit to, to receive the full benefits. Great to use after a course of Aminexil to awaken more hair. Who wouldn’t want fuller, more luscious hair? I know I would.

Kerastase Initialist is a great maintenance treatment that you use 3 x week to ensure that the future hair that grows out is at its best. It works on ensuring that the new hair that grows out is stronger, shinier and healthier than ever before.

Before deciding on what path is best to take, always ask your stylist what she thinks is the best route to take, for the specific problems you might be facing.  Remember your scalp is where your hairs life starts and should be a vital part of your hairs health.

Gary Rom

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