Korean Beauty Kraze

WHEN it comes to skincare, K-Beauty is at the forefront. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. K-Beauty (short for Korean beauty) includes products that come straight from Asia, with crazy sounding skincare ingredients (fish scales and crushed beetles, anyone?) and of course the daunting ten step skincare routine.  Korean women swear by this. And it might be the answer to why Asian women stay looking youthful. But TEN steps? Do we even have time? If it means a more youthful, healthy-looking complexion, what are a few more steps anyway…

Step 1

THE first cleanse is for removing all make-up. This is usually done with a balm or oil based make-up remover.


Makeup Melter Make-up Remover Balm: R245, Ciaté London

Step 2

MOST second cleanses used in K-Beauty is done with water or foam cleansers to remove any leftover dirt and impurities.

Egg White Bubble Cleanser: R360, By Mizon, Muse Beauty

Step 3

EXFOLIATE one to two times a week to scrub off dead skin cells, unclog pores and prep skin to absorb the next rejuvenating products.

Smooth It Off Cleansing Exfoliator: R325, Benefit

Step 4

A toner restores skin’s natural pH balance, hydrates and ensures that any remaining residue is completely taken away.

Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner: R435, Lancôme

Step 5

THE skin’s daily vitamin: an essence. This concentrated formula gives skin an extra boost to recycle and repair skin cells.

Vinoperfect Essence Concentrée Eclat: R605, By Caudalie, Skins Cosmetics

Olivia Palermo speaks highly of an essence, calling it her ‘glow game-changer’.

Step 6

SERUMS, ampoules or boosters can tackle hard to treat skin issues. Choose one that addresses your specific skin concerns.

Hyaluronic Age Repair Booster Serum: R2 150, Team Dr Joseph

Step 7

A staple when it comes to Korean skincare is a sheet mask. Reap the benefits of these babies straight after using them and say hello to plump skin and a healthy glow.

Refreshing Panda Sheet Mask: R75, By Sugu, Big Blue

Step 8

LOCK in all the ingredients you’ve applied so far and give your skin a hydrating boost with a moisturiser.

Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer: R690, Dr. Jart+, Muse Beauty

Step 9

ADDRESS and prevent puffiness, fine lines and dark circles on the most delicate area of the skin with an eye cream.

Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Anti-Aging Eye Lift: R299, By Anatomicals, Superbalist

Step 10

IF you don’t use sunscreen daily, then you’re undoing all the hard work from the previous nine steps! An SPF is the crucial final step.

I’m Pure Cica Sunscreen SPF 50: R250, By Suntique, KBeauty Africa