Intergalactic Hair

SOME of the most iconic hairstyles have come from the Star Wars franchise. Who doesn’t love Princess Leia’s buns? Or Daisy Ridley’s triple knots? But lately it hasn’t been difficult to find hairdo’s and colours straight outta space – and on the red carpet no less! Here are our favourite hairstyles that might as well have made an appearance The Last Jedi.

Sexy And Sleek

NOT one strand out of place, Kourtney Kardashian’s super high, super sleek ponytail combined with her winged out eyeshadow makes for an appropriate look to sport on planet Naboo. Start by blow drying hair upside down – this will help smooth the hair when it’s pulled into a high pony. Flat iron the ends to ensure the ponytail stays straight and sleek. Spray a brush with a firm hold hairspray and pull into a high pony on top of the crown. Tie with thick hair bands.Top of Form


Everything Goes

THE queens and senators in the Star Wars universe often sport very intricate, bizarre hairstyles. Any of Cardi B’s looks would not be out of place. Whether it be bright orange hair accentuated with gold rings interspersed throughout the tiny braids, a pearl-adorned beehive inspired by the Birth of Venus or multi-coloured pastel hair buns we’re sure Princess Leia herself would approve of, Cardi B’s hair is anything but boring.

Blonde’s The Bomb

PLATINUM blonde locks is just something that looks otherworldly. If you’re up for a hectic hair change, why not go blonde? Shay Mitchell’s extreme hair change might not be possible for everyone. Start with an honest assessment of your hair health. Decide on a dark hair root or no root and the tone of you’ll be going for. Have the blonde hair talk with a professional and budget your hair lightening process accordingly.

Hair For Days

SUPER long Rapunzel hair is not something just anyone can achieve, which is exactly why it’s such a unique hairstyle to rock. Celebs have been styling their extended locks by tying them in a fashionable low pony. Take Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello’s styles, both equally laid back, but no less glamorous. First, dry hair straight, then curl sections of the hair. Once cooled, tie hair into a ponytail and wrap a piece of hair around the band.