How Healthy Is Your Skin?


PRIMERS, powders and concealers might help you hide flaws on the surface, but you can’t completely camouflage unhealthy skin. Take our quiz to find out if you are a skincare fanatic or if you don’t give it a second thought. Find out how you can improve your skincare regimen.

Which of the following best describes your diet?

  1. You live off fast food and avoid healthy foods. You only live once, right?
  2. You eat healthy foods most of the time, but don’t beat yourself up over a few indulgences.
  3. You drink lots of water and avoid chocolate and sweets at all cost, even though you’ve heard it’s a myth that the sweet stuff causes breakouts.

It’s a long weekend and you are going to spend the day basking in the sunshine with friends. How do you prepare your skin for a day in the sun?

  1. You pack your teensiest bikini so you can catch a deep tan that should last through winter.
  2. You pack some sunscreen, which you’ll apply often throughout the day and wear a hat and sunglasses.
  3. You slather your skin with SPF 70, pack an umbrella, wide-brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses. You wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt and camp out in the shade all day.

Which is most similar to your bedtime routine:

  1. You roll into bed without so much as brushing your teeth.
  2. You wash your face with cleanser and apply eye cream and night cream, making sure to wait 20 minutes after applying it before going to bed. You try to get eight hours of sleep each night to promote healthy looking skin.
  3. You start by removing your eye make-up, cleansing your face, then apply a face mask, wash your face again, apply toner and astringent, then slather on eye cream and night cream. Whew!

Which are you most likely to do?

  1. Soak in the tub for an hour.
  2. Take a 15-minute shower in warm water.
  3. Linger in a hot, hot shower.

Which of the following comments have you heard most often?

  1. ‘You look tired.’
  2. ‘I have to know what skin care products you use.’
  3. ‘Excuse me – ma’am?’

What is your moisturising routine like?

  1. You put on loti on when you notice your skin is a bit dry
  2. You apply loti on or oil when you get out of the shower to lock in moisture.
  3. You apply lotion and oil liberally after the shower and at least three other times throughout the day.

Which of the following best resembles your shaving routine:

  1. You dry-shave once a week.
  2. You shave every other day, in the shower, using a shaving gel.
  3. You soak your legs in the tub for 20 minutes to soften the hair, apply shaving gel and then shave with an electric razor set with the closest setting and apply cooling loti on afterwards.

How do you sleep?

  1. You generally crash face-first into your pillow.
  2. You sleep on your side or your back.
  3. You lie on your back and try to sleep for at least eight hours.

How often do you exfoliate?

  1. Exfoliate? What do you mean ‘exfoliate’?
  2. Once or twice a week.
  3. You exfoliate daily.

Finish this sentence: ‘Every night at dinner, I have a glass or two of –‘

  1. Soda
  2. Fruit Juice
  3. Water

Mostly As

YOU are a gal on the go, but you need to make a little time to give your skin some TLC. You know the saying, ‘Beauty is only skin deep’? Well, the beauty of the epidermis comes from deep within – it’s boosted by a healthy diet, exercise, and adequate rest and relaxation. A healthy skincare routine doesn’t have to take hours. Start incorporating a few new techniques each day and in a few weeks you’ll have a perfectly healthy skincare routine that works with your schedule.

Mostly Bs

YOU maintain a healthy and balanced skincare regime, but it doesn’t control your life. Way to go! Finding the perfect products for your skin is a tricky business, but trying out different products can be fun and you can get to know your skin at the same time, so experiment with new and innovative products to find your perfect match. Just make sure you treat the skin on your neck and chest as well as you treat the skin on your face – it’s as delicate and requires just as much care.

Mostly Cs

CAN we say ‘Type A’? You are definitely aware of reaching healthy skin, but you may be going overboard and actually doing your skin more harm than good with your abrasive (literally!) approach. Relax a little. Be gentle with your skin, and it will thank you. Exfoliating your skin should not be a daily activity. Stick to once or twice a week. Exfoliating too much can leave skin raw and red and can do more harm than good. As for moisturiser and other hydrating products, apply once or twice a day to keep skin from drying out. Don’t forget that skin has natural oils that also help to keep it hydrated.