Gone Forever: Electrolysis Is The new Laser

by Carli Prinsloo
Electrolysis is the new Laser

It’s no secret. Brow-goals are a real thing. Women everywhere, are in search of the perfect brows and with microblading treatments trending, it’s no surprise women are looking to achieve their ideal eyebrow shape. Along with microblading, permanent hair removal is often next on the agenda in order to maintain that perfect shape. Those pesky little stray hairs tend to show up after a while and if unkempt, can become out of control.

Threading, tweezing and waxing are only temporary methods of hair removal and never quite yield the results we’re aiming for. Enter electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal treatment, that allows your eyebrows to be shaped according to the contours of your face. This extreme precision is made possible through a probe – also referred to as a needle, that is inserted into the hair follicle. At this stage, there is no pain due to the anesthetic cream that is first applied. Once the probe is in the hair follicle, an electric current is used to destroy the cells around the hair follicle. This part can be painful for a few seconds. The length of the treatment, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, will depend on the area being treated as well as the client’s tolerance to the discomfort possibly to be experienced from the treatment.

Because hairs have different cycles of growth and are not all visible on the surface at the same time, repeat procedures may be necessary. Hair follicles that are treated may not necessarily be destroyed first time around, but your electrologist will be able to calculate how often you will need to treat the area which is based on the area being treated, the technique used as well as your bodies hair growth speed.

Comments Amy Bowie, owner of Pulse Dermatology and Laser, “You should clearly explain your expectations of the hair removal treatment to your practitioner so that they are able to advise whether this is the best treatment for you.”

The great thing about electrolysis is that it can be used on males and females of all skin tones – both dark and light. Electrolysis is useful in treating smaller areas and can be done quite quickly, usually resulting in permanent hair removal.

To book your sessions, contact Pulse on 021 914 0447 or find them at 1B The Ridge Office Park, Door De Daal Road, Kenridge. Sessions start at R400. Your consultation will take place in your first appointment.

Amy Bowie, Medical Aesthetics Therapist and owner at Pulse, has an extensive background in dermatology that includes advanced, specialised studies, comprehensive practical experience and training amongst world-renowned dermatologists in London. Amy’s excellent skill and technique has allowed her the opportunity to work with various A-listers and the rich and famous. Her passion for dermatology and advanced aesthetic procedures brought her back to Cape Town where she started Pulse Dermatology and Laser, always ensuring she stays on top of new trends and treatments.

Electrolysis is the new Laser

For more information on Amy Bowie or Electrolysis visit Pulse Dermatology and Laser online.

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